Donating that can last beyond a lifetime…

Moorpark Education Foundation Endowment Fund

Donating to the Moorpark Education Foundation (MEF) can be accomplished in several ways:

One of which is giving to the endowment fund. A gift of any amount can take on a lasting effect through the Endowment Fund.* This guarantees that your monies will keep giving to the Moorpark public school project identified by MEF indefinitely.

Endowment giving can comes in different forms:

  • Legacy Planning – honoring a child or family member.
  • Memorials – honored those special people who have touched your life
  • Tribute – honoring an individual, group on a special occasion
  • Estate Planning – in coordination with your Estate Planning/Financial Planning which also works as a tax planning tool to help reduce income or estate taxes.
  • Trust – monies can be left in your trust or through planned giving with annuity type annual payments.